Surrey Christian Rambling Club

Day walk kit list

This list is not exclusive but is a good start. In summer you may decide not to bring waterproof trousers, but a jacket that is at least wind proof should always be carried as the weather can change in England even Surrey so be prepared. It can be very windy on hill tops, whatever the weather lower down.

- Hat or balaclava (optional)
- gaiters (optional)
- jacket
- gloves
- cagoule (waterproof)
- trousers (carry some if you wear shorts)
- knobbly knees (optional)
- thick socks (thin inner socks can help)
- walking boots (essential in winter or rain), or strong supporting shoes

In rucksack / daypack
- waterproof trousers
- one more jumper/fleece than you expect to wear (in winter take more layers)
- enough food
- enough drink
- first aid (plasters if prone to blisters)

In the summer
- sun hat & lotion
- swimming gear and towel (if advised).
- extra drink

These lists are based on National CWC guidelines.